Introducing the new Carving Balance.

The refined Carving-movement improves your stability through instability.
Your muscles become stronger, even those normally left unused.
Creating a fitter and healthier you.

Welcome the new you!

For you.

Carving cares about you and understands your soul. The new Carving Balance will welcome you and guide you to create the new and fitter you.

Feel welcome, step on and carve your balance and stability.

The unique and patented Carving-movement is balance training in its purest form of muscle activity and involvement.

While performing the lateral Carving-movement you will turn away from the centre of the unit causing your body to get out of balance, this will result in your vestibular system triggering your muscular system to get back into balance.

This imbalance generates maximum muscle activity. The activity is also intended to include the supporting muscles. The Carving-movement requires intensive human energy and therefore also burns an unmatched amount of calories.

Simulation of the patented Carving-movement:

Offering the best.

Carving at its core believes in doing things better, making your training more human, fun and rewarding. We pay huge attention to everything from the great movement, to the ergonomics, to the materials you will touch. We want to bring liveliness in that dull fitness world. Everything with only one goal in mind: offering you the best!

“The new Carving Balance: Pure from the heart and unique in every way.”
Twan Kuijpers, founder Carving Fitness

No limits.

The Carving Balance will be there for you to train your stability, strengthen your muscles and upgrade your cardio. Once you become more comfortable with the new and effective movement, you can add resistance and change positions effectively to fulfil your goals.

“We didn’t take our references from existing fitness-devices;
Instead we aimed to create an empathetic object, that actually makes you fit.”
Remi van Oers, designer

Unique Movement
Easy to Use
The new Carving Balance